Personality Disorder Support Community

Personality Disorder Support Community

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About Us

Who we are

PDChat is a non-profit organisation funded solely on donations. The staff members are all volunteers who donate their time generously in order to keep the site as secure and as friendly as possible.

Our Aims

PDChat aims to continue to be a safe and secure chat and information site for people who suffer from personality disorders. We also aim to be a one stop website for personality disorders in the UK.

Our History

A group of members from a mental health forum came together and decided to start a chat on a public chat site, but several incidences made the members realise there was a need for a much safer place with better moderation.

PDChat was thus created in 2011 with the intention of creating a safe, non-threatening place where people with personality disorders can chat and share their worries and concerns.

Since then, it has grown to include a forum, information about personality disorders as well as services available in the United Kingdom. Most of our members have been diagnosed with some kind of personality disorder, and have a wealth of knowledge and experience that they are keen to share with others, especially those who have been recently diagnosed or those who suspect that they may have a personality disorder. We welcome new members and hope that the PDChat community will continue to grow and progress.

PDChat Team Members

  • Site Admin – ShakyCore

  • Site Admin – FlowCat

  • Site Admin – Wombat

  • Moderator – nosouvenirs

  • Moderator – starturtlebaby1

We would like to thank all the staff members for giving their time and effort to enable PDChat to be possible in the first place. Without them, PDChat would not exist.

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