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PD-NOS Personality Disorder

Personality Disorder Not Otherwise Specified
Mixed Personality Disorder

A Personality Disorder Not Otherwise Specified or PD-NOS diagnosis is usually given when a person satisfies the general personality disorder criteria under the DSM-IV-TR but does not fit completely with any other personality disorder criteria.

The ICD-10 also has a PD-NOS disorder called Personality Disorder, unspecified. As with the DSM-IV, a general personality disorder criteria has to be met first before any diagnosis can be given.

A PD-NOS diagnosis can also be given in place of these other personality disorders:

  • Sadistic Personality Disorder.

  • Self defeating Personality Disorder.

  • Depressive Peronality Disorder.

  • Passive-aggressive personality Disorder.

The above four personality disorders have been excluded from the DSM-IV-TR, so people who would have been diagnosed with any of the above personality disorders might be given the PD-NOS diagnosis instead.

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