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Avoidant Test

Avoidant Personality Disorder afflicts about 1% of the general population, and is characterised by symptoms of social ineptitude, extreme sensitivity to criticism, feelings of inadequacy and a lack of social interaction. Although the symptoms are similar to those who have general social phobia, there are marked differences in terms of degree.

The PDChat avoidant test is designed to help you understand whether you may have Avoidant Personality Disorder. Answer each question according to how much it describes you. Think of yourself as you generally are right now and not how you were or how you would like to be. Answer honestly for the most accurate result.
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1.  I am easily hurt by criticism or disapproval.

2.  I tend to have only one close friend or confidant other than my immediate family.

3.  I tend to daydream a lot.

4.  I fear being embarrassed by blushing or showing signs of anxiety in front of other people.

5.  I feel inept, boring or unappealing to others.

6.  I avoid emotional involvement that could cause pain and anguish.

7.  I prefer jobs that are solitary.

8.  I tend to avoid social situations because of the fear of saying something inappropriate.

9.  I find it difficult to approach people.

10. I often fantasize to make up for lack of real life intimacy.

11.  I get angry in the face of rejection.

12. I only get involved with people when I am certain that they like me.