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Histrionic Test

Histrionic personality disorder is a personality disorder which usually appears in early adulthood, and is found equally in women and men. It belongs to a group of conditions labeled "dramatic, emotional or erratic personality disorders". .

The PDChat histrionic test is designed to help you understand whether you may have Histrionic Personality Disorder. Answer each question according to how much it describes you. Think of yourself as you generally are right now and not how you were or how you would like to be. Answer honestly for the most accurate result.
If you are logged in, you will be given the opportunity to save your results at the end of the test.

1.  I like to be the center of attention.

2.  My moods shift rapidly.

3.  I do not like to go into detail when having conversations.

4.  I like to flirt to get attention.

5.  I tend not to remain faithful to one partner.

6.  I dress in ways that I know will get me attention.

7.  I am easily influenced by others or by circumstances.

8.  My interaction with others often involves sexual behaviours.

9.  I hate to be ignored.

10. I have believed relationships to be more intimate than they actually are.

11.  I express myself in a dramatic way.

12. I fall in love easily.