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Narcissism Test

Narcissistic personality disorder is a personality disorder which usually occurs in early adulthood, and is found more frequently in males than females. It belongs to a group of conditions labeled "dramatic, emotional or erratic personality disorders".

The PDChat narcissism test is designed to help you understand whether you may have Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Answer each question according to how much it describes you. Think of yourself as you generally are right now and not how you were or how you would like to be. Answer honestly for the most accurate result.
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1.  I feel angry or upset when I see other people's happiness.

2.  I feel repulsion or disdain towards doing things for others.

3.  I find it difficult to admit to my mistakes.

4.  I get angry or upset when other people don't recognise my skills and abilities.

5.  I feel like it's me against the world.

6.  People who 'do the right thing' will never get ahead in life.

7.  I enjoy being the centre of attention.

8.  The majority of people can be manipulated easily and deserve to be.

9.  I feel resentful when other people receive praise.

10. People do not recognize my achievements because they are envious.

11.  I am a special person.

12. I tell people what they want to hear to get my own way.