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Schizoid Test

Schizoid Personality Disorder is a mental condition that usually appears in early adulthood and is usually distinguishable by the lack of displayed emotions and a constant pattern of social isolation.

The PDChat schizoid test is designed to help you understand whether you may have Schizoid Personality Disorder. Answer each question according to how much it describes you. Think of yourself as you generally are right now and not how you were or how you would like to be. Answer honestly for the most accurate result.
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1.  I am unaffected by either good or bad news.

2.  I have no desire to be involved with anyone or anything.

3.  I am easily bored by conversation.

4.  I know how my friends live, but they do not know how I live.

5.  I find it hard to maintain eye contact.

6.  I prefer to work alone.

7.  I often feel that life is pointless.

8.  I often find myself fantasising or engaged in self reflection.

9.  I have little interest in sexual experience.

10. I do not like to be noticed.

11.  I am indifferent to praise or critisism.

12. I find it hard to congratulate people on their birthdays or other special occasions.